Legally Green ( Cleanse Tea )


The Organic Method to Clear Toxins
This delicate infusion of Lemongrass, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Orange peel, Echinacea and Liquorice is made all the healthier thanks to the inclusion of our luxury Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp. Carried on waves of subtle organic flavours, our CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system to naturally restore your health and assist in alleviating inflammation, pain and sleeping issues.
Directions for use: Each tea bag contains 1g of
phytocannabinoid rich hemp and 1g of organic Lemongrass,
Rosehip Orange Peel, Sea Buckthorn and Echinacea. Each bag
makes 3-4 large cups. Sleep for 3-5 minutes for maximum
effect. Can be drunk cold and mixed with ice and lemon for
the perfect daytime drink.
Weight: 35g / 15 Bags

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There’s nothing quite like a mug of organic hemp tea – particularly when it’s from a Legally Green blend.
Our blends use the whole hemp flower, ensuring that you get to enjoy its maximum potential, but we don’t stop there – our delicious blends use only organic hemp and we’ve also added Mother Nature’s healthiest botanicals into the mix.
Our organic hemp teas give our customers the perfect tool to sustain their wellness routine. Countless people use our teas to provide themselves with a range of important antioxidants and to unlock the potential of CBD.

Across all of our products, we only ever use all-natural hemp that is sourced from the world’s finest agricultural sites. Our team of experts use the best extraction methods and test each batch twice to guarantee its purity and efficacy.

Benefits – Satisfying sleep, Rich in antioxidants, Unlock Wellness, Reach dieting goals, Achieve peace of mind


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